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 Colorado Springs' #1 Summer Camp

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Summer Summer Summer Time!

We are now accepting new Summer Camp students!

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About Us

We are now accepting new Martial Arts Summer Camp students for our AWESOME Summer Camp featuring MARTIAL ARTS and a FREE UNIFORM for those who qualify! If you are a parent of a child between the ages of 5 - 12, who wants your child to have tons of FUN,  stay healthy, and be active all through participating in our focused Martial Arts based Summer Camp, then keep reading about how you can save your child's spot in where many consider to be...

The #1 Summer Camp in Colorado Springs!

Great News!! We Are Not a daycare, county park, or babysitter. We are much better! We are a single skilled focused Summer Camp dedicated to helping your child become his or her best through the learning of martial arts.  Our single focus is to build up your child to succeed in School, Sports, and Life, by participating in  our full day summer camp featuring martial arts! While other summer camps may simply “babysit” their students all day... We will empower yours!

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Did You Know?

Our Martial Arts Summer Camp in Educational...AND FUN!!!


We have all seen the Karate Kid. Daniel-san was learning the martial arts without realizing he was learning the martial arts!  How?  By disguising the repetition.  Who would have ever thought that painting fences and washing cars could teach martial arts?


Many of the skills needed to be successful in sports are enhanced through martial arts training.  No wonder so many professional athletes participate in martial arts! 


Our exciting summer camp featuring martial arts skills and development, will not have your children painting fences like Mr. Miyagi did to Daniel-san, but your children will enjoy exciting drills that will not only help them to excel in martial arts, but will also aid them with improved performance in various sports such as  football, basketball, soccer, base/softball, volleyball, and more!  Speed, Endurance, Flexibility, Problem Solving is needed in all sports and all is found in martial arts.

Don't forget Martial Arts is also known for it's outstanding Character Development specialty. 

Did you know that two of the most popular activities that professional athletes participate in are Martial Arts & Dance?  Do you remember the teenage mutant ninja turtles dancing :).  Flexibility and Rhythmic Movement are two important essentials in every sport including Martial Arts.  Your children will love learning and demonstrating the skills taught to them in our complete martial arts summer camp devoted to the overall positive development of your child. 

As an added benefit your child can earn their first martial arts belt and HAVE FUN while doing it!

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The Spring's Best Summer Camp Program


Martial Arts

Learn discipline, respect, social interaction skills, and of course, HAVE FUN!

Martial Arts consists of many elements that enhances your child's performance in various sports like football, basketball, base/softball, soccer. Did you know that Martial Arts in its original form consisted of movements now referred to as GYMNASTICS?  Warriors would roll, tumbling and flip to pick up weapons and to eliminate injury when falling.   RHYTHMIC TIMING, much like what you find in dance, was used to avoid attacks by making the enemy miss.  All of those things plus improved flexibility and conditioning are found within our Summer Camp featuring a martial arts focus.   If you are ready for your child to receive all of that PLUS develop Confidence, Discipline, Focus and Respect while on their quest to become their best, then you have come to the right camp!




Enhance Sports Performance

Improve Performance in soccer, basketball, base/softball, football,  and much more all through participating in martial arts!

Our Summer Camp "disguises" the repetitions needed to be proficient in any sport by being innovative in how we teach.   Our fun curriculum and drills will bring a smile to the face of your child and maybe a little sweat too :) 


Talk about HAVING FUN!

By not being a day care we can have a single focus of martial arts that allows for your child to improve:

Flexibility, Conditioning, Eye-Hand & Eye-Foot Coordination while learning about Anti Abduction, Bullying, and Kids Safety.  Your child will achieve those in this camp.  Contact us today and save your child's spot ASAP before we are sold out!

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Creative Arts

Rhythmic Motion, Tumbling,  & Creativity are ALL in Martial Arts. We call it Martialastics, which is like gymnastics but with a Kick!

In the times of the ancient dynasties the warriors would tumble, roll, spring, and flip to pick up their weapons, and evade their enemies. All this was and still is a part of martial arts!

I know cool right! 

From those times to present times, instructors and coaches had to be creative and innovative to discover new techniques and refine teaching techniques.  In our specialty skilled summer camp, our campers explore their creative side to include the tricking and trick kicks of the martial arts, while learning how to deal with bullying, peer pressure, and teasing.  We refer to this special skillset as "Verbal Judo". Or simply put, "the way to defuse a situation using words, not force."  

Bully Protection & Anti Abduction skills are needed in today's world.  We have discovered, through the many years of teaching in schools locally, nationally, and internationally, how to teach these skills in a FUN manner that helps your child to be Prepared but not Paranoid.    

Why parents love us and what they are saying

Each week your child will have the opportunity to participate in our exciting martial arts indoor and outdoor activities, to include educational lessons (mat chats), creative fine motor skills, and much more found within our Martial Arts Summer Camp. All these skills are designed to elevate your child's overall experience! The BEST part is that these awesome activities are included in your affordable membership! 


Our summer camp is operated by trusted coaches who have years of experience and who have all passed background checks and are CPR and First Aid certified.  

        Learn more about why so many call us...          The Springs BEST Summer Camp!

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  • Our Summer Camp is committed to your child’s overall success in life!
    In our camp your child will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting variety of indoor and outdoor activites, educational lessons, arts and crafts, and much more! All designed to improve their martial arts camp experience as well as to improve their overall sports and character development. The BEST part is ALL OF THIS IS INCLUDED in your affordable membership!
  • We only hire the BEST coaches and they truly care about your child’s success!
    Our summer camp is operated by trusted coaches who have years of experience and who have all passed a strict level-2 background check! (The same background check required to be a School Teacher in Colorado Springs.)
  • It’s EASY to join our Summer Camp family!
    Simply fill out one of the forms on this page and we will contact you asap! This camp will sell out quickly, so don’t wait! Join today!
  • If you have any questions, please call or text us right now! "
    Our office hours are from 9am-6pm Monday thru Friday. Our phone number is: 719-375-0718. A member of our team is happy to chat with you right now!

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